Thursday, December 29, 2005

Activated Jordan's i870 and Dani's i850

Jordan's i870 arrived yesterday and was assigned a phone number today. I called in to have her put on the rural and fleet ID that Dani and I have.

Shortly there after, Dani's new phone, the i850 showed up and I had that activated on her number. I showed them how to use them and went to work. Worked from 1pm to 9pm. Fairly good night, 2 activations, but I feel the likelihood of return on these units is high. Customer had to many questions and wanted to many service guarantees. Came back from work, Dani was bringing in the laundry about 10pm. The tanker committee was meeting at the Fire Dept, so I went over there to see what they decided. Looks like we are going to get an Elite Power tanker. This will be a GREAT improvement over the old tanker we have been using.

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