Saturday, June 21, 2014

Unhappy with Popeyes

Service at Popeyes is usually slow and somewhat disappointing, but the food usually makes up for it. Tonight, was particularly bad at the new location on Greenfield Ave in Milwaukee. The service was slow! Before us a customer was told that if he wanted a mild chicken leg he would have to wait longer than he already had and when I got my order, I got mild instead of spicy, but I didn't want to wait around any longer to exchange my order. So I ate the mild chicken.

Every table in the place was dirty, my wife had to use a wet nap to clean our table off.

Overflowing and stacked garbage.
The garbage was over flowing, and discarding our trays full of refuse was like playing Jenga.

Overall, it was a disappointing experience. The worst I've had at Popeyes. Which says a lot, since Popeyes has never had great service.