Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dad's in the Hospital

On my way to Linux class. I got a call from Dad's friend Donna. She says that he became very ill while visiting and she had to take him to Waukesha Memorial She says it doesn't look good, he is in ICU. This solves my mother's concern over not seeing or hearing from my Dad for a couple of days. So I call Dani and my mother to let them know.

Mom's taking Aaron to class and he is adamant about going to complete our final exam. So I decide to go as well. I had to much trouble focusing on my test and Todd let me go advising me that I can make up the test later.

In the hospital, Dad doesn't look good at all. He is unconscious, on a respirator, and every other machine imaginable. He is in total system shut down and the Doctors only give him a 20% chance of surviving.

Monday, October 10, 2005

My Highest Yahtzee Score EVER!

This is the highest I have ever scored playing Yahzee! I had 4 Yahtzees totaling 608.
The above untouched picture was the score as it appeared on my Yahtzee handheld pictured below.