Monday, December 30, 2002

Two Towers and a Hit and RUN!

Today Jordan and I were going to see "Two Towers". Our plan was to take my F150 out to Waukesha and pick up Matt H. and then go out to the garage and pick up Dani's Sable. Matt would follow me out to our house in Palmyra with the Sable, where we would leave the pick-up and drive to Waukesha and meet with my brother Aaron to see the movie.

We were standing right by the pick-up, throwing trash in the cans; when this car races around the corner and smashes into the side of my truck. Knocking it up onto the curb! I walked around to see the driver frantically trying to get the car started. As I was trying to talk with him, he finally got it started and backed out of the wreckage like a maniac. I called the police, who took about 45 minutes to show up. When the arrive, they took my statement and informed me that the guy made it about 15 blocks before hitting another parked car and fled on foot.

After he hit my truck, I was able to get it started and it drove fine, but the driver side door won’t open, so I have to slide over from the passenger side. Aggravating!!

Well! We took the truck out, picked up the car, left the truck in Palmyra and met with my brother at the theatre!

“Two Towers” was awesome! I will have to see this movie again in the theatre!

Sunday, June 09, 2002


Last night I discovered! I love it! I set up my account and have posted a bunch of my work. Compared to other stuff posted there, my work is rather lame, but I enjoy sharing it all the same. My first day as a Deviant has been pretty productive! I look forward to posting more there!