Monday, October 15, 2012

Nice Weekend at Home

Had a nice weekend at home. There was one downside to it. My laptop monitor died. I'm still using the laptop, I just hooked it up to my TV, which works great as a monitor. Maybe I should buy a computer to hook up just to the TV, it would be awesome to do some PC gaming on the large screen! I'm sure Dani would like monopolizing the TV for gaming! I had to buy a new keyboard to use my laptop on the TV. I got the k400 Logitech keyboard. It works GREAT! I can sit across the living room typing away and it doesn't miss a keystroke. I like the touch pad too, saves me finding a place for my mouse on the recliner.

On Saturday I watched the Travel Channel's Burger Land feature on Wedl's in Jefferson and realized it's been a couple of months since I've had a greasy slider from Wedl's. So we went twice  this weekend. Dani was a good girl, she had the single, but Kimah and I went all out with the double bacon cheeseburgers!! Woo HOO!

Now it's Monday morning, I'm hankering another. To bad Wedl's isn't open for breakfast! It closes in November, so I better get my fill now.

Next weekend is the last weekend for Six Flags! So we should be heading down there to party!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I fought the law.........

Raimondo, "You're fighting a losing battle!" - Butch Berry

"I know!" On my grave stone it will say:

After a reckoning with the second,
Here lies one entropically,
He fought the law,
But the law won!