Sunday, April 29, 2018

Still in the hospital, ICU!

Well, I stopped at the Emergency room and they were perplexed. I did have elevated cardiac troponin levels, but it didn't appear that I had a heart attack. So that's good. The bad news is, it looks like I had two micro strokes. These strokes don't seem to have given me any sort of impairment, just a numbness. But the showed up on the X-Ray's. So I get to stay in the ICU and be examined, and tested on some more.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Not feeling the best!

I've been feeling crappy for a while now. I regularly get really bad chills, and I have to pile on the covers to get warm. I also find, after a short walk, I'm out of breath, which I thought was because of my weight, which is why I've been on an 1800 calorie diet since December. But tonight, I feel even crappier than usual. I'm at work, out of breath, with my heart racing, feeling like I drank to much Rockstar, and I only had one. I'm also having a numbness in lips on the left side, and in my left hand, mostly the thumb.

I called my boss and told him I'd like to be seen by first responders. The responders showed up and took my vitals. Heart rate is normal for me, around 90, but my blood pressure, taken with an automatic wrist cuff, was 210/140!! That's CRAZY high, and I've never had blood pressure that high.

The Milwaukee fire department showed up and they also took my blood pressure, and it was a more normal 140/80. Still high, but a lot better then it was take with the wrist cuff. But I'm still feeling crappy, so the EMTs lay out my options. Get transported to West Allis hospital, or keep working. I refuse transport. I'm feeling pretty crappy and I suspect it may turn into a stay. I don't want to be stuck this far from home and leave my car on campus. So I decide to stick it out till 1 am, then when I leave, I only get half an attendance point, rather than a full one. I'll then stop at emergency room at Aurora Summit on my way home.