Jobs indented right are part-time jobs held concurrently with another job. 

Brewery Worker | Miller Brewing Company | Milwaukee, WI

Aug 2010 - Present
  • Inventories, monitors, cleans, and records the temperatures on fermentation, aging, and package release tanks.
  • Sets routes mechanically and electronically for fluid movement through out the brewery. 
  • Controls primary filtration from fermentation, and final filtration to packaging. 
  • Promotes a safe work environment through personal actions. Identifies any safety concerns, as well as cost saving opportunities.
  • Operation, cleaning, and maintenance of fillers, packers, and depalletizers. 
  • Loads and unloads palletizers, trucks, and railcars. Moves products onto pallets in correct positions.
  • Scans products and cross docks, moves to warehouse, or loading areas as directed. Checks for accuracy and placement.
  • Packs products using shrink-wrap.
  • Verifies that incoming and outgoing products are labeled correctly according to orders and quality standards.
  • Moves products and equipment safely with a forklift.
  • Serves on the snow team, HAZMAT team, confined space rescue team, and the taste panel.

Brewmaster | Randy's Fun Hunters Brewery | Whitewater, WI

Mar 1995 - Dec 2015
Handles all stages of the craft brewing process from boiling the wort to pitching the yeast.
Monitors the temperature during all brewing steps and fermentation.
      • Moves fluids cleanly though the brewery from one process to the next.
      • Manages filtering and carbonation processes.
      • Filters and kegs beer.
      • CIPs and sanitizes equipment.
      • Samples at all stages of production to maintain quality standards.

CNC Machinist | HUSCO International | Waukesha, WI