Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Big Shopping Day and Aggravated Mall Management.

I knew the mall had extended hours today, but I thought the mall opened at 9am. So I thought I had plenty of time and showed up a half hour past my start time to find that the mall opened at 7am. Charleston decorated the kiosk in Christmas fashion (YECH). The game plan for the day - work outside the kiosk, greeting customers and drumming up sales. So Charleston stood at one end of the kiosk with a couple of camera phones greeting people and showing them the LG 225 and the Samsung 940 and I loaded some MP3s on the i870 and stood at the other end showing off it's capabilities. This was really fun, especially when that silly assistant mall manager Laurie showed up and told Charleston and I that we couldn't be outside our kiosk. We told her that our lease goes 4 feet around out kiosk and we would continue to work where we are. Shortly afterwards, she sent a security guard to tell me to get back into our kiosk. I told him to "forget about it" and he left. Laurie came back and had a lengthy conversation with Charleston which resulted in giving her Gary's phone number. Not much happened after that. I saw Donna W, one of the EMTs from the Palmyra Fire Dept. She purchased a headset.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Body in Question

Went back to Barnes and Noble and picked up that book "Body in Question".

Monday, November 21, 2005

Forensics, Indiana Jones, Superman, a Village Board Meeting and Stealth

I went to Barne's and Noble and found this cool book, Body in Question. It's a book on forensics. I walked around with it, and then put it back when I left, but now after I think about it, I may go back and buy it.

The rest of the day at work was pretty uneventful, as life at Brookfield Square will be. On my way out, I stopped at Game Stop and saw they had the Indiana Jones trilogy for only $39.99, so I snagged it along with Superman II. The first Superman is good, but I really liked the second one with General Zod, Nod, and Ursa. Lets see if I like it years later.

When I got home, Dani and the kids hadn't gotten back from my Mom's yet. So I ran over to Video Pix and rented Stealth. On my way home from the video store I saw Chief Rutkowski on his way to a village board meeting. I didn't think we had one tonight, after having a special one on Wednesday. The only really interesting thing discussed at the meeting was the additional antenna that Verizon Wireless is proposing to put on the water tower. I asked for clarification about the nature of revenue from the Verizon proposal, and President Johnson says that all revenue generated from the project has to go to the water dept. After the meeting I mentioned to him that they should have also negotiated free phone service for DPW, Police, and the Fire Dept. I also mentioned the possibility of having a company like Verizon sponsor a tanker for the Fire Dept.

Went home and watched Stealth, talked to Donna for awhile in Yahoo! Messenger and then had to do my homework for class.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Physical for Material Handler Position - Standard Process

Just got home from my pre-employment physical for Standard Process. This is the second time I have seen Dr. Martin, the first time I saw him was when I had my physical for use of SCBA on the Fire Dept. He approved me for work pending the results of the drug test. So I look forward to starting my career at Standard.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sprint Vendor Rally

Before class today, I went to a Sprint Vendor Rally at the Country Springs Hotel. It was pretty entertaining, Samsung was there and I got to see their answer to the Motorola Razr. I played around with it a bit, and I think it's better the Razr, which I have never really been a fan of. Also there was Palm, Boost Mobile, TeleNav, Motorola, and Comet Tracker.

After visiting all the vendors, there was a drawing and I won the UTStarcom CDM 105 pictured right. It's a decent phone, but I will probably sell it so I can purchase an i850

I was going to skip out of the Rally early, so I could make it to class by 8:30, but wanted to stay and see if I won anything. As it was, I was only an hour late for class, so it wasn't to bad.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dad Called

I was really happy to get a call from my Dad today. He sounded like his ole self! When I picked up he said "Is that you?" playfully like he always does. I never thought I would be so happy to hear him overuse a joke!! He says he's feeling a lot better and hopes to be out of the hospital by the weekend. I'll stop by to visit him tomorrow after class.

I Got the Job

Jenny called me to let me know that I got the job at Standard Process. I have to stop by today or tomorrow to pick up forms for a physical on Friday. I look forward to working there, everyone I know that works there likes it. They have a GREAT benefit package.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Live Fire Training at WCTC

We didn't have our normal training last Thursday because of a special training we were having tonight at WCTC. We took advantage of the their burn building to have live fire training.
It rained the entire time we were there, but we were still able to complete 5 evolutions.
WCTC's compressor was down, so we had to take Dousman, who was nice enough to let us use their system to refill all of our bottles.
Now that I am home, I am VERY sore. I'm going to be hurting tomorrow!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Interview - Standard Process

Just got back from my interview with Jenny Nelson for the 3rd shift Material Handler position over at Standard Process. SP is only 1 mile from my house, so if I get the job, I'll be able to ride my bike to work and save a ton of money. Currently I am driving about 30 miles one way, wasting about an hour and a half of my day driving. Plus SP has some great benefits, health insurance and a gym open to employees 24 hours a day.

I feel the interview went well and I got a tour of the plant. I really hope I get this position.