Thursday, July 18, 2019

Back to work and an interview!

Going back to work today for my regular 4 day rotation. I have to go to work early for an interview at 14:00 with a panel of 5 for a Software Specialist working with GE Proficy Systems. Looking forward to the interview and potentially doing something new.

I wanted to take the Dart to work with the new wireless charger installed, but I was low on petrol and I didn't want to risk being late for my interview jimmy jackin around at the gas and sip! So I took the truck to work.

I think the interview went well and I'm eager to hear who got the job. There are two spots available.

On my break I ordered a second wireless charger for the truck and a short micro USB charging cable. Now I don't have to feel like I'm missing something driving the truck instead of the car. Below is a link to the wireless charger I'm buying. This is the second one I've purchased and I think it's worth it.

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