Thursday, September 20, 2018

My last short term disability check, lunch at the Rock Bottom Eatery, and games at Planet Chaos.

My short term disability checks from Prudential, are small, and don't seem to arrive at a consistent time every week. So I was happy to see my last check arrive today. The Bear and I drove to Jefferson, deposited my check and ate at the Rock Bottom Eatery.

 Bear has a Pepsi and I enjoyed a Badger Club Amber during my meal and a Happy Glamper afterwards. The keg gave up the last of it's contents during my pour, so the Lakefront Brew was a bonus freebie for me!! Yay!

After lunch we went to WalMart, picked up some milk, lunch meat, bread, a chocolate cake, and a Planeswalker Deck.  I couldn't resist a deck called the Pirate Minotaur!

I came home, ate some chocolate cake, played Neverwinter on the PS4, started a Neverwinter character on the PC, and took a nap.

At 5pm, Bear and I drove to Fort Atkinson to play some Dungeons & Dragons at Planet Chaos.

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