Monday, January 05, 2009

Doctor Who: Matt Smith is the 11th and Youngest

Matt Smith as the 11th DoctorSaturday was an exciting night for fans watching BBC1's documentary Doctor Who Confidential. Matt Smith was introduced in a grand unveiling as the 11th and youngest Doctor to play the role.

After much speculation that a major Hollywood player would step into the role, many hoping for the Underworld star Bill Nighy, some fans maybe disappointed with the youthful regeneration. Relatively unknown, Matt Smith has played two major roles - the literary adaptation The Ruby in the Smoke on BBC1 and Party Animals on BBC2. But David Tennant wasn't a big star either, prior to stepping into the TARDIS. It seems that big stars are reticent about joining the cast as the 900+ year old Time Lord, for fear of being locked in the role for many years, or worse yet, to become type cast.

But lets take a look at Matt. He has a youthful energy in his eyes, a love of life associated with the Doctor's outlook that quickly lends himself to the role. He has the hair for the role, that's for sure.

Smith is also personable and outgoing, which works well on screen as the extremely gregarious Doctor, and off screen when dealing with the media and a huge multinational fan base.

Smith says the next 6 months are a "time to build this Time
Lord…to learn the history of the show" and he spoke of "the sense of mischief" he got when he knew
he'd be the Doctor. His interpretation of the Doctor should be fresh and playful.

One thing is for sure, the adventures in time and space will continue!

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