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Salt & Vinegar Chips - Questions From Neighbors

Angelikfiona asks (See original document):

What is your favorite flavored potato chips? Do you like salt & vinegar?

You either hate them or you love them?? Me, I love them, they feel like acid in my mouth (because they pretty much are) do you like them? Why and how do you cope with the acidic taste? Do you like acid? If you dont like them, What kind do you like? hehe

My Answer:

I LOVE Salt & Vinegar chips! The acidity doesn't bother me at all! I especially like them the traditional way, just taking a bag of chips, sprinkling some vinegar in the bag, shaking it up, adding some salt, shaking it some more and then eating. That's good because you can mix the ingredients to taste, and each batch tastes slightly different from the last.

According to, if you are having problems with the acidity; when you are half done with the bag, put a boiled egg in the bag and shake it up with the salt and vinegar. The salt gives the egg the taste you usually associate with a boiled one, and the vinegar gives it a tang. The egg absorbs the remnants in the bottom of the bag, cutting down on waste, while making possible for you to finish that bag of chips. Which is nice, since the bottom part is usually the most acidic.

The Worsley School conducted an experiment using Pringles brand Salt & Vinegar chips, which makes an interesting read. I've provided a link below. They were surprised to find that, "The test subject was in fact unable to eat more than 50-60 salt & vinegar Pringles before complaining vehemently that his mouth was burning up. His mouth was in fact so sore that even after half an hour (still without water) he was unable (or unwilling) to consume a single additional chip."

I do love Salt & Vinegar chips. But they are not my favorites. My favorites are those Crunchers Jalapeno chips, or any regular chips sprinkled with habanero sauce.


Salt & Vinegar Chips

Worsley School Study on Salt & Vinegar Chips

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