Sunday, May 21, 2006

Wisconsin Microbrewers Beer Festival - Chilton

Today was the annual Brewer's Festival in Chilton. It was fun day with sad overtones. Earlier in the week Bob Rowland, the brewmaster from Rowlands Brew Pub and manager of this festival, died of a heart attack. To honor him, t-shirts honoring Bob were given to all vendors.

I rode up with Mark, one of the other guys that works at the Fun Hunters Brewery.

At 1:00 PM the Festival got started and the Jerry Schneider Band from Chilton was getting set up in the same building we were in.

The Band in the Arena building is jamming German tunes and a great deal of polka dancing is going on. In the beginning of this video, if you look close, you can see a little boy sitting down. Believe it or not, he is an accordian player.


Briess Malt bought all the vendors lunch. So I had a very tasty steak sandwich and a Rowland Cream Soda.

Gilling Out (Start your diet tomorrow)

After my tasty lunch, I walked by the grills where the smoke smelled wonderful. The crew was working all out providing food for everyone at ... all » the festival and one guy was trying to convince me to have another steak sandwich.


In the building adjacent to ours, Copperbox was playing. The rest is just another crowd walk thru.

Toward the end of the festival, Chris became convinced that he had to go and get more people to come back and finish off the last of our beer. Here he goes off and brings back a couple.

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