Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Big Shopping Day and Aggravated Mall Management.

I knew the mall had extended hours today, but I thought the mall opened at 9am. So I thought I had plenty of time and showed up a half hour past my start time to find that the mall opened at 7am. Charleston decorated the kiosk in Christmas fashion (YECH). The game plan for the day - work outside the kiosk, greeting customers and drumming up sales. So Charleston stood at one end of the kiosk with a couple of camera phones greeting people and showing them the LG 225 and the Samsung 940 and I loaded some MP3s on the i870 and stood at the other end showing off it's capabilities. This was really fun, especially when that silly assistant mall manager Laurie showed up and told Charleston and I that we couldn't be outside our kiosk. We told her that our lease goes 4 feet around out kiosk and we would continue to work where we are. Shortly afterwards, she sent a security guard to tell me to get back into our kiosk. I told him to "forget about it" and he left. Laurie came back and had a lengthy conversation with Charleston which resulted in giving her Gary's phone number. Not much happened after that. I saw Donna W, one of the EMTs from the Palmyra Fire Dept. She purchased a headset.

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